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A unique, personalized new hospitality experience with a typical Arabian touch, style and exclusivity: Habitat Hotel offers its guests the privilege of experiencing the essence of Arabian lifestyle through the best of culinary, artistic and cultural traditions.

Underlying everything is the passion that guides us, the constant search for perfection, and out-of-the-ordinary quality of service: behind all these elements are the people who, day after day, make their own personal contribution towards the Group’s success.

In order to succeed in our mission, we select passionate people hungry for challenges, who are ready to share our philosophy of hospitality and work together to reach the most difficult of goals.

Working for Habitat therefore means becoming part of a vast project: in order to achieve it together, we provide growth and career support to consolidate prior knowledge and the individual characteristics of each person, and then build the key competencies which are indispensable to the success of our mission.

Get in touch with our Group HR Department for further enquiries.

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